October 9, 2016

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by Marc Enfroy on Your Strings Attached
Joni is the best!

Where do I even begin? As a composer who's always relied heavily on string arrangements to amp up the emotion in my piano pieces, here's what I had to do before I found Joni: hire a separate violinist, violist, cellist and studio engineer (anywhere from $75 to $125 an hour each), align everyone's schedule which was typically weeks or months out, create charts for each player, travel to the recording studio, sit through the recording sessions, and afterward, in my mixing project, perform a lot of pitch correction and note substitution for poorly played notes. Joni has taken ALL of that out of my work stream and saved me so much money and time, it's ridiculous. Plus,her turnaround times are fast so I can complete my songs sooner than I used to. She's become my one-stop shop for violin, viola and cello and I'll never use anyone else. I don't know how she does it but I'm so thankful to have found her. In a sea of string players, she's one in a million!

by Joseph Nimoh on Your Strings Attached
Excellent Service!!!

Joni is amazing! Her strings arrangements are impeccable. She is very talented, professional and super nice to work with. She works quickly and always deliver beyond my expectations. I can’t recommend Joni enough!. She is your go to person if you need high quality and affordable strings for your project delivered right on time.

by Mike Newport on Your Strings Attached

Joni is incredible - I often think my samples sound pretty good, until I hear what strings are meant to sound like! Workflow is absolutely seamless, sending over Logic files and receiving them back with live strings tracked, and all synced up. Her strings absolutely bring everything to life and hugely up the production values. She's an incredible and highly adaptable musician, as well as a very nice person to deal with

by Peter Cavallo on Your Strings Attached
Joni is wonderful

I have been working with Joni for a few years now and there is a reason for that, she delivers every time without fail. I have worked with many musicians over the years, especially classical musicians and I can say confidently that none match the quality of Joni's work. Her control at low dynamics and tone is amazing. Joni has the wonderful ability of capturing the very emotion I am are trying to portray in my music, whether that be solo Violin, Viola or Cello. I have also used Joni for String Quartet and Quintet work, all sounding as it should and beautifully recorded. Joni always has a wonderful can do attitude, and is always up for a challenge. I have referred many composer friends to Joni for String work, string arranging and composition jobs and all I hear back is a big thank you for introducing them to Joni. She is very well respected and a professional in all aspects for her work. You would do well to engage her services and breathe life into your work

by Runi Lagabo on Your Strings Attached
Amazing job

Many many thanks Joni. You are doing an amazing job. I love you're playing on the Violin. I'll be back soon.

by Yishay Raziel on Your Strings Attached
Well, She's a pro.

Joni,Thanks for making dream come true in a more musical way.I hired Joni for 3 projects and every time my ears just amazed by her talent, accuracy and passion.Waiting for our next one!

by Abijah Gupta on Your Strings Attached

I had a dream of playing Ave Maria with someone who understood the intricate beauty and purity of this piece and my search led me straight to Joni. From the very start, she was super attentive and open to the flow of ideas. Being my first project with her, I didn't know exactly what to expect but from other testimonials and videos I knew it would be special... and it was exactly what I hoped for... plus way more!Undoubtedly, Joni's heavenly rendition of the entire Strings arrangement creates an amazingly immersive and soul-stirring experience. Apart from the lead solo Violin, she's also playing the Viola harmonies and the Cellos. The Strings were so beautifully laid out that for the first time I ventured into a 5.1 surround mix in order to boost the magic that she created. I would definitely be working on more projects with her in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone!

by Abir Mannan on Your Strings Attached

you are awesome in every piece you did it for me. i never get to send you the final output. here is one of your work that made this song beautiful.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ6URVHPQRQ

Fantastic Job!

If it's not enough that every single review on this site (at the time of my writing) is five stars, something may be wrong. Nevertheless, I'll add my word that Joni is very talented and extremely cost-effective, delivering everything I've asked for (and more) on the last four projects I've done with her. Her communication is very transparent and she works quickly and she has always been willing to make revisions, which I certainly value. I strongly recommend Joni for all of your string needs!


This was my first experience working with Joni and it certainly won't be the last. She took time to understand what exactly it was I was hearing and how I wanted this communicated to the listeners. When she delivered the final product I was really pleased but I also wanted an additional piece added in and this was done without any fuss and with exceptional quality. She is truly a remarkably talented and gifted musician and I highly recommend her for your next project, you won't regret it. Tremendous!

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