November 7, 2016



1. Do I need to provide a string arrangement (score/midi) for my song?
No – I happily create arrangements myself as part of the general pricing plan. Whether you choose to submit a full score, rough guide or would rather I compose an arrangement from scratch is completely up to you!

2. What format will I receive the audio files? 
Typically, I will send WAV files in 44.1 kHz 24bit format. However, if you would prefer an alternative format just let me know.

3. What files can I expect to receive as part of my string delivery?
You will receive a version of the full track with strings, as well as two solo string mixes (one dry and one with effects). Individual stems are also available for an extra $10 (see ‘Pricing’ section).

4. When will my track be delivered?
Delivery time is a maximum of 7 days. However, if you require your track sooner, take a look at the ‘Fast Track Delivery’ options (see ‘Pricing’ section).

5. Am I able to request revisions to my string delivery?
Yes – I am passionate about offering true musical collaboration through Your Strings Attached, so am happy to communicate after the delivery of a track and provide small revisions for free. However, large structural changes may require extra payment.

6. Rather than adding strings to a pre-existing track, I would like to order a completed piece of original string music for a brief. Is this possible?
Yes – I frequently compose original pieces to a written brief for film producers, visual artists and music sampling purposes. Such work falls in the custom order pricing category so please get in touch for more details!

7. Can I send multiple tracks at the same time?
Yes – I’m happy to work on multiple tracks and full EP/album projects as well as individual tracks.

8. Does Your Strings Attached accept tips?
I’m passionate about offering an affordable service for musicians of all levels and financial means. If you feel able, any tip (however small!) would be greatly appreciated. You can send a tip here.

9. How quickly can I expect to receive a response to my message?
Your Strings Attached has a 24 hour response policy, so hang tight and I’ll be with you very soon!

For any further queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch!